When the cat’s away….we’re a teeny bit naughty

So Andy took off for Barcelona on a business trip, leaving me and the kids behind. As much as we do miss him, we tend to be a little bit naughty when he’s away. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a line or men (or even one) waiting in the wings and we don’t have a loud ‘trash the house party’ but bad habits are allowed. The first thing planned was a trip to Pizza Hut. Living with a diabetic, we tend to avoid these establishments and although me and the boys do eat sweets and puddings we are aware of a quiet ‘tut tutting’ emanating from the corner of the room. So yes, we pigged out on carbohydrate and sugar in true artery-cracking style.
As someone who could do with 48 hours in a day, 24 for the family and 24 hours for everything else, when Andy is away I can spend the evenings guilt-free, writing or working. The house also seems to be tidier, with one less person strewing stuff around. I also revert to my normal sleep wake patterns. I’m an early riser. I hit the ground running at 6am (literally) and so by 10pm I am a zombie. When Andy’s away I tend to get to sleep early and what’s more I leave the curtains open so that I can watch the sky as I go to sleep. The other nigh,t there was a beautiful moon and I watched for ages as the clouds scudded past it. I know it sounds as though he’s not being missed, but if we lived like this all the time we’d be dead from heart attacks and have no teeth. Also it wouldn’t be a treat. I am looking forward to him coming home and topping up on vegetables and sensible sleep patterns, though I am going to hold out on the ‘keep the curtains ope’n front!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 1, 2012.

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