It’s amazing what you can make out of a cereal packet!

So off I go back to the physio for an assessment of what I am doing with my foot. Apparently I’m not walking on it (in the way they define walking) I stand barefoot, with my trousers rolled up, as the Physio puts loads of blue dots all over them with a pen. I’m assuming this is not purely for his entertainment. Then he gets out a weird instrument, like something from a Maths class and informs me that my left foot is two time worse than my right foot. Bad left foot!
‘You need to try some temporary insoles and see if they work.’
To my surprise, he doesn’t get a box out of the cupboard labelled ‘Temporary insoles for people with bad left feet.’ Instead he takes out a box and rips a piece off of it.
‘Put your foot on here.’ I place my foot on the card and he draws round it. Interesting twist. It was something like Blue Peter, except he didn’t have one that he had made earlier and to my disappointment he didn’t have double-sided sticky tape. Next he stuck some foam to the card and secured it in place with a load of surgical tape. Ta Da! a make it yourself insole. I was pretty impressed.
So no more expensive equipment for the NHS. Just send your empty cereal packets to the Physios. The British debt will be cancelled in no time!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 7, 2012.

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