Love them or hate them you wouldn’t want to eat them!

They sound like something you ought to eat with a bowl of ice cream and sprinkles, but the jelly fish is not very popular with me. My hate hate relationship with them started two years ago when I was on holiday just outside of the beautiful city of Venice. Like all the holiday makers about me, I was swimming along enjoying myself, when I saw what looked like a white film in the water, just ahead of me. The next thing, there was a really intense pain on the front of my shoulder. I waded out the water to see a livid red mark there. Then it struck me that I had just had an encounter with a jelly fish. I told Andy and the boys and they cheerily laughed.
‘But aren’t they poisonous? I might die.’
‘We’ll give it 10 minutes’ giggled Andrew. He was promptly hit with a bucket.
Ten minutes later I was not dead and though still painful, the pain had subsided. I decided to venture back in, but from another part of the beach, where loads of people were swimming (safety in numbers and all that.) The **** thing got me again. This time on the foot. What was worse was that Tom saw it and followed it and it swam away from him!
It took me a couple of days before I ventured in again. Tom and I were playing a diving game, when I saw the critter heading towards me. I confess to failings in my maternal instinct at this point as I yelled ‘jellyfish’ and threw Tom between me and the blighter. It swam round him and headed for me. (at this point I would like to add it’s quite hard to out run (swim) a jelly fish. Though I did. It was like something out of Jaws. It was a personal vendetta, as well as a big source of amusement to my family. Alex did offer at each stage to pee on me to get rid of the pain. Personally, I don’t trust his aim.
We decided not to go back to Italy. Our next holiday was in Cirali, Turkey. Where the water is warm and there are no unfriendly, nasty creatures. Or so I thought. My nemesis awaited me. He still owed me for escaping his clutches the last time. Three stings – surely he’d be satisfied with that!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 13, 2012.

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