My dirty weekend (literally)

Grandma had whisked off the kids for the weekend which meant Andy and I could escape to the Peak District. A habit we have got into over the last few years. We were staying at the Peak Weaver’s Hotel in Leek. Which is a gorgeous family-run hotel and they are always very welcoming. Also it is a stone’s throw from the Roaches, a large rocky area that looks like it has been dropped by a giant in the middle of the Peak District. It is one of my favourite walks because of a chasm it has and also the ludicrous number of cuckoos that seem to live there. This year however, we were going to do some different walks. Our sights were set on a 10 mile walk from Eyham. Eyham is a plague town. It has some plague cottages, where you can see plaques on the walls which tell you how many people lived in each cottage and when the plague finally finished them off. Nearby is a church yard, with a bizarre gravestone to an English Cricketer. It also has a very moving gravestone to two daughters who were killed a couple of years ago in a car crash. I know this because the last time I went there, I got talking to the youngest daughter’s friend (only 16) who told me all about them and the family.

So we trudged out of the town and off into the wilds of the peaks. Not really, we were squishing across cow fields mostly. There were gliders overhead and one looked like it had a person suspended from it! I suppose it takes all sorts to make the world. At one point we had to cross a style which was dedicated to a woman. I photographed the dedication.
It made me laugh. We only got lost twice and not for long. The walk was lovely and varied though not very hilly. We ended up down by a brook and then trudged across a heath, when it hailed for a bit. We ended up coming over a ridge and looking down on the town. We could even see the car in the car park (always reassuring to know that it hasn’t been stolen!)


~ by envisioningutopia on May 16, 2012.

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