The pinnacle of my career?

Part of the GCSE Sociology exam requirement is for the students to write a 12 mark answer, which draws upon their knowledge of a unit of Sociology that we have covered. Like any self-respecting teacher, I have been trying to instil the importance of answering this well to my students. Up until this day the more positive comments that I have received are
‘This is boring’, ‘I don’t know anything.’ ‘I hate writing.’
In desparation I appealed to the scholar within them. ‘Listen, we should be living Sociology, breathing it. To be honest it needs to be life-changing or the education secretary will kill me.’ This seemed to appeal to them. (my impending death, not the breathing Sociology) This was my last attempt at teaching the 12 marker. I was prepared to feel suicidal despair.
I wrote on the board ‘Discuss whether females are more likely to commit crime than males.’ and got prepared to cry. I instructed them to get into pairs and write down any ideas that they had, then called on each pair to give me what they had.
‘Well,’ said one ‘ I think that I would look at it from a Feminist perspective.’ and she went explaining why.
‘How about the new right? actually the functionalist approach would be better.’ chipped in another. I pinched myself. Surely I was dreaming? One lad, who I had seriously been suspecting of being asleep came up with an amazing contribution and so it went on.
To be honest, by the end I was gobsmacked. I looked at the answer that I had, which was what the exam board would look for. They had surpassed all expectations.
‘You lot are wonderful’ I said. I felt quite emotional. They just looked embarassed. Yes I rode on a wave of pride for a full 3 minutes. As I did so I handed out the next activity.
‘Inequality? What’s that all about then.’ commented one.
‘Have we done this?’ added another.
So back down to earth I crashed. Oh well.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 19, 2012.

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