My Sanity

Walking or running, I know within minutes I will feel fine. The last walk that I did was in the Peak District, through Macclesfield Forest and up Shutlingsloe. It’s a beautiful and varied walk. You come across small tracks climbing steadily to a tiny village and then climb further to some woods. The woods are striking and foreboding and take you down to some very unpicturesque reservoirs. Despite this, and the walking book we were using mentioning paths that did not exist, it was a nice walk. If you want solitude, this is a not a good walk for it. There was a pilgrimage of walkers going up Shutlingsloe. I also met and got talking to an ex fell runner, who made me look extremely unfit, by running up the steepest edge. I was out of breath up the easy bit. (Note to self if there is another chance, I’ll come back as a fell runner).
Now it’s back to insanity. There are big changes at work and with OFSTED back for a visit, it can only get worse. So I’m running everywhere in a desperate bid to stay sane.


~ by envisioningutopia on May 23, 2012.

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