Pure dedication or just plain stupid? The Olympic Snail

What on earth? I hear you cry- or maybe you don’t really give a toss, but the attached photo is a picture of a snail on the window. So what? So the window is 3 floors up! And my otherwise occupied brain found itself being diverted away from students’ exams and the impending doom of OFSTED on to how on earth a snail got there and why. Well ‘why?’ in fact didn’t take very long for me to ponder, as I don’t think that snails think about things as deeply as humans, so there doesn’t need to be a why. Unless it was a record-breaking attempt or he just decided to do it for a bet. But the how has kept my singular brain cell occupied for some time. He could have slimed up the wall, but it seems such a stupid thing to do in the searing heat, with no prospect of food or water. Then we get into the whole area of the intellectual capacity of a snail and whether it thinks of such things as it climbs up the wall.
Andrew, who inadvertently got dragged into my ponderings, against his will, suggested that a bird might have dropped it. I suppose it’s a possibility, but think about it (I’m sad to say that I have). As it tumbled through the air it would somehow have to manoeuvre itself close to the window and stick itself on to it at some considerable speed.
Then I have the quandry of whether I should intervene. Play God as it were. Should I unstick it, at risk of killing it and take it to someone else’s garden to eat all the vegetables? (It’s certainly not going to roam free in mine) or do I respect its somewhat misguided decisions and its almost inevitable death?
In my musings I pointed it out to Tom. ‘Look Tom there’s a snail on your window.’
‘Yeah I know’ he said
‘Don’t you wonder about how it got there?’
‘No not really.’
Oh the disinterest of youth!


~ by envisioningutopia on May 24, 2012.

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