A neighbourhood bash

It is late afternoon and I am ashamed to say that I’m still recovering. This is not a ‘as you get older it takes longer to recover’ problem. This is the typical fallout to the annual neighbour get together. Our houses are situated around a green and once a year (it usually takes about a year to recover) we roll out the BBQs, tables and chairs and have a party. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like we are there. My family joined in around 8pm. We went armed with wine and everyone was already pretty merry. Most of the neighbours’ dogs were there. The cats kept safe distances under the cars. As usual a lot of insults were flying. Two reminisced about when they got locked in a wendy house together. Also the inevitable reminder of the annual accident at these parties were discussed. The most memorable was when the lady across the road fell of the curb and everyone laughed at her. It was only later that we realised that she had broken her ankle in 3 places. Then there was the motorbike incident (I shall not elaborate). These are not tame events, not only are ludicrous amounts of alcohol consumed, but you need a hardened personality to withstand the sarcastic humour. By 9pm chimineras were being wheeled out as it was getting cold. There ensued a competition to see who could get the highest flames. It was not until this morning that it struck me that it might not have been a good idea doing this under a load of trees. Then came the ‘setting marshmallows on fire’ part followed by the chinese lanterns. This year we had the presence of mind to light them the right way up and not set fire to the green. Apart from 2 dogs getting into a fight, there were no serious accidents this year. I conked out just as one of my neighbours got his guitar out and embarked on singing rude songs about everyone else. I’m sad to say my kids went to bed after me. Can’t wait until next year.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 5, 2012.

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