It’s dark. A dark I never new existed, pressing in on me from all sides. The silence buzzes in my ears as I look round wildly, trying to see something; anything. I can hear my breathing. It sounds shallow, panicked.
What was that? I hold my breath. Listening, straining hard. I hear movement; a slight rustle to my right. I stare in that direction, but I drown in blackness.
‘Who’s there?’ My voice sounds almost deafening.
A slight breeze leaves slug trails of ice on my cheek. I shudder, though not with the cold.
There it is again. This time its closer.
I try to stand, but the manacles around my wrists and ankles restrain me. Keep me in this hell.
I scream, as something brushes lightly against my bare foot. I pull my foot towards me. My ankle jarring in pain as the metal bites into my flesh.
My head snaps round to the left.
Was that someone laughing?
I freeze, listening. Silence engulfs me once more.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 8, 2012.

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