Poisoning and shooting how unlucky can you get?

Just over a week to go until Murder Day 4 and I am in the final nutty phase of trying to tie everything up as it were, so that it actually works on the day. This year the Maths and Physics department want to get involved, so a shooting it is. However the biologists want to look at poison. So the poor blighter (Mr Denton) our victim, has been poisoned and because that failed he has been shot. So what are the final touches. Basically ensuring that everyone knows where they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to be doing. That everything is consistent and that the right reports are produced at the right time. For example, Mr Denton is shot in his car. I have to ensure that the bullet hole gives the right angle for them to calculate where he was shot from. I also have to give a plan of the building (no one seems to have blueprints) so that they can calculate how long it takes him to run from the place where the shooting takes place to the car park exit. We have to implicate two suspects. So tomorrow, come rain or shine, me and the Physics teacher will be in the car park doing calulations and drawing plans. Hopefully poisonous leaves will start appearing on my desk this week. I have promises of rhubarb, vinca major, laburnum and hellebore so far. These will be planted (excuse the pun) at the scene of the crime. Finally the scenes of crime team will be ananlysing bullets! Yes my colleague has managed to procure loads of these (she texted me to tell me). I do get weird texts and e mails at this time of year. I haven’t asked how she has managed to get these. I find it’s best not to ask. As well as keeping the scientists happy, the Psychologists will be offender profiling and interviewing as well as making an actual arrest. So it’s all go. The lawyers will be donning their wigs for the full blown trial at the end. Let’s hope justice is served. They got the wrong person last year!


~ by envisioningutopia on June 17, 2012.

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