Shattered and it’s only Wednesday

Yes it’s supposed to be the end of term, where teaching reduces and we have more time. Not this week. My boss for the Foundation Degree has gone on holiday and left me to cover. ‘It’ll be quiet’ she said. To hell it has. Applications have come through UCAS and I covered the higher education open evening, where a fair number were interested in our degree. So I was in at work at 7.20am and limped home at 8.30pm! To top it all the GCSE Sociology students’ exam was today! Yes they are the last ones in the college to take their exams, so we’ve been teaching them up until now. Today was Murder Day. The murder scene (as set out in the pictures) was carefully constructed with poisonous leaves, a bullet at a certain angle and a rather creepy looking body (which my colleague has been driving round Milton Keynes with it in the passenger seat) It is always mayhem in an organised kind of way. The Scenes of Crime, Biologists, Physicists and Psychologists excelled themselves. They pinpointed where the bullet was fired from, matched bullets to a previous crime, identified the poisoned leaves and cross matched them to a Pathologist report and GP report and came up with a frighteningly accurate profile. By the end of the day we were able to arrest our suspect. This is something new we have included this year. The trial is tomorrow and the prosecution lawyers are looking pretty smug.


~ by envisioningutopia on June 27, 2012.

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