They don’t like hurting you? Rubbish

I don’t like dentists. Let me qualify that, my dentist is okay, but most dentists are nasty, sadistic….. I have held a grudge ever since I was a child and the dentist gave me a banana-flavoured filling. I hate bananas! My run ins with them (also known as six-monthly check-ups) have been generally horrific, up until 4 years ago when, for various reasons, (no NHS dentists being available) I went private. The dentist I have now is very non-interventionist and has sorted out problems I have had for years, in months. That is, she was non-interventionist until this week. I’ve had toothache on and off for a few weeks and have successfully managed to ignore it. However, I eventually made an appointment, confident that it was probably just my imagination. Unfortunately, no it wasn’t. She took and x-ray, and chatted awkwardly to me for a few minutes whilst she awaited the result.
‘By the way, contrary to popular belief we don’t like inducing pain.’ She said by way of light conversation.
Then it all went hazy as I went into denial. I caught words like dying nerve and root canal. I shook my head, hoping to wake up from the nightmare. This was not a good idea though as my mouth was full of instruments at the time.
‘How long has the toothache been going on for?’
‘AH, ahh, uh ugg’
She seemed satisfied with this answer.
‘It could be a dying nerve. The best way is to drill the tooth. If you yell, then it’s not dying.’
I really hoped she was joking.
She wasn’t.
I have to say she wasn’t too impressed when I yelled before she had put the drill in my mouth. I’ve got to go back for more in a few weeks.


~ by envisioningutopia on July 8, 2012.

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