Book Review

‘Various Haunts of Men’ By Susan Hill
If you are looking for a detective novel, with detection in it. This isn’t it. There is a lot of drinking of tea, sitting in the office wondering what to do and feeling exhausted (though I don’t know why). An ex girlfriend who appears out of nowhere and decides, for some inexplicable reason, to stalk the main character. To be honest, I’m with the missing boy’s mum. I’d complain to the police if I received the service she had!

‘Fragile Minds’ Claire Seeber.
I enjoyed this very much. I felt for Claudie and Detective Silver and wanted to know how they fared throughout. The book begins with a bombing and Claudie is hurt, though for various time periods she has no memory of where she has been. It is an expertly woven plot, which keeps you guessing and worrying. Was the loveable Claudie the bomber? However the ending was a little disappointing. I would however seek out more of her books.

‘Weekend in Weighton’ Terry Murphy
I was recommended this book by a friend and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Eddie is one of the most irritating yet likeable characters I’ve come across. I would hate to be his mum. Just when you think things can’t get worse, they invariably do. Eddie has set up his own detective agency. One day in and he has already lost his only client and he looks to be the one going down for it. I’ll say no more READ IT!


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