Balls to ‘yes’! Go with the gut.

Following on from my recent blog about being more tolerant – Don’t do it! It gets you into all kinds of s**t. The last week has been stressful, because rather than listen to the voice saying
‘What in hell are you doing? Don’t do it! Get out of it!’
I’ve carried on like the mature individual I thought I was destined to be.
The result: – three hours doing someone else’s work and so now I am behind with my own. The voice did tell me to avoid the office; to hide away, but no. I went in to be helpful and supportive. I’ve also now got an event coming up, which I can’t believe I said I’d go to. My inner self cried when it heard me say a chirpy ‘Yes, that would be great.’
‘No it wouldn’t. What are you doing!’ it screamed.
‘Shh, I’m being mature.’
‘No you’re an idiot!’
The first warning signs that I might have this trait in my character appeared when I was seventeen. It was one of those milestones in life that I should have had printed on a t-shirt.
‘Always listen to your gut!’
I was at a dance when I was approached by a heavenly, gorgeous guy.
‘Wow.’ I thought. I wasn’t particularly articulate.
‘This sort of thing never happens to me.’ This was my gut talking.
‘You seem like a really nice girl.’ The warning bell was clanging. You, dear astute reader probably have already twigged what was going to happen. My gut did, I just didn’t want to listen. I was living the dream.
‘Mmmm.’ was all I could muster in reply.
‘I was wondering if you would talk to my friend, Russell. He’s really shy.’
Russell was in fact a walking pimple with body odour.
I agreed. What else could I do?
Russell was really into Germany. I knew nothing about Germany, apart from what I had learned from watching ‘Das Boot’. I needn’t have worried. For someone who was dead shy, Russell could talk for Germany. I sat watching my friends dancing away with the gorgeous guys. Two hours later I eventually escaped to the toilets. Yes I know, I was a late learner, anyone else would have done this in ten minutes.
So this was my wake up call to follow my gut. I’ve let myself snooze the past week. No More! I’m saying no!


~ by envisioningutopia on July 15, 2012.

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