I can’t admit nuffink – I’m nearly a teenager

Great changes are afoot in the emotional rollercoaster that is my eldest son. Not only is he making a bid for independence, but he has also put up his ‘hard man image’ shield. If you ask him if he’s happy, he’ll say he isn’t. It isn’t cool to be happy apparently. So all you depressed people out there – how cool are you! School’s also boring. They don’t teach him anything and there is no way (and I reiterate – NO WAY) that he will miss it once he leaves, despite having spent seven years there. So why? I ask myself as I watch his farewell assembly, is he standing in the front row of the choir sobbing his heart out. Though obviously he is such a cool dude he was trying desperately hard not to show it.
‘What’s up with him?’ asked my husband, horror-struck.
I had to smile, for all the front, deep-down he’s a sensitive little soul. I did ask him later what the problem had been.
‘I know you don’t like the song ‘Sing’ but crying is a bit extreme.’
‘I wasn’t upset. Alex was intimidating me.’
I couldn’t help but laugh. Alex had spent most of his time in the toilet, for want of something better to do.
‘Could it be that you might actually miss your school?’
His eyes welled up with tears and he changed the subject.


~ by envisioningutopia on July 21, 2012.

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