Make Someone Feel Important!

I recently went to a training course given by Paul Dix from Pivotal Education. Apparently he is a very important man in the world of turning behaviour in schools around. I think my colleague summed it up very nicely when he said he was like a mediocre stand up comedian. His knowledge of Psychology was pretty dodgy. He needs to get hold of a Psychology textbook and look up what negative reinforcement is for a start. To be fair, I did walk away with two useful ideas.
The first was a quote by Lao Tze. It was about how our thoughts lead to actions. Our actions shape our character and our character becomes our destiny. The other was about a barman. The barman talked to his customers, knew the ins and outs of their lives, what their favourite drink was etc. When he died the church was overflowing with mourners. A person who was at the funeral wondered why. So he spoke to the mourners and found out that the bar man had had a knack of making people feel important.
So how often do you listen to people? How often do you show a genuine interest in their lives? How often do you meet someone and they tell you everything about themselves and then say
‘Well enough about me, what do you think about me?’
I had an acquaintance for many years (though she would probably have regarded herself as my friend) Every time we met she regaled me with stories of her work, her home life, her other friends. I knew them all. It was three years before she found out that I had started working full time. She never knew the names of anyone that I worked with! Not that I want to talk endlessly about myself. She epitomised so many people that I have met, completely self-obsessed, needing to be admired. So I have resolved to listen, to ask questions and to make people feel like they are important!


~ by envisioningutopia on July 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Make Someone Feel Important!”

  1. Beautiful… The way you walked away with two ideas, so am I after reading this blog. It is a great feeling when someone makes you feel important. We want others to make us feel important. But the irony is that often we forget that sometimes even we are supposed to make others feel the same way… Will try and see who is the next person I am gonna make feel important..

    I look forward to reading some more nice write-ups by you… something that have been written with as much genuineness as this one…

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