AHHHHHHH! All I wanted to do was go to a wedding.

It was early Friday morning and I was up making sandwiches. We were due to go to Leeds for my little brother’s wedding. I say little brother, it’s not entirely accurate, he’s six foot 2! So I went out to feed the rabbit before we leave (a friend was looking after our menagerie whilst we were away). However, the rabbit did not get up and greet me as he usually does. He was not interested in food either. I went to pick him up. He just lay in my arms.
‘NOOOOOOO! You cannot be ill’ I said ‘I’ve been at home all week. You’ve had all week to be ill. Please not today.’
Oh yes today. I rushed to the vet’s where they poked and prodded him. Diagnosis – Hypothermia! How can a rabbit be hypothermic during one of the hottest weeks this year? The vet had no idea either.
‘We’ll take him and warm him up, but he might be coming down with something.’
I explained I was going to a wedding.
‘That’s okay he can board with us until Monday.’
Rabbit now under care of experts we headed off.
As we got on the M1 I asked Andrew if he had remembered the leads to attach the IPOD to the music system in the church.
Hurriedly I texted my bro to check if the music system had a cd player.
The radio then informed us of an accident up ahead. There were massive delays. We took the next exit as I rifled through the road map.
‘Use the satnav on your phone.’ shouted Andrew.
Come on this is me you are talking about. My trusted roadmap got us past the blockage and off up the M1 again. Well sort off – a lorry decided to pull out on top of us almost taking us out. Radio pipes up there was another serious accident ahead. I was still trying to be positive at this point, albeit slightly uptight!
Off motorway again and the trusty roadmap took us to a rather beautiful reservoir for lunch. We were only about half an hour from Leeds. The end was in sight.
‘I’ll just check how the rabbit is.’ I informed the family.
Apparently the rabbit was much better. They were reviewing him at four pm and then we could take him home.
‘No he’s boarding until Monday.’
Apparently he couldn’t. I needed to collect him!
Patiently, with rising hysteria I explained the problem with this and the conversation I had with the vet. Apparently she shouldn’t have offered, I had to collect my rabbit. A few phone calls later and a friend said she would help out.
I turned back to my family, still shaking from trying to sort out the rabbit. My husband was staring into the car boot with a frown on his face. My heart sank.
‘What’s up?’
‘I’ve forgotten my suit for the wedding.’


~ by envisioningutopia on July 29, 2012.

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