It’s good to be wrong – Olympic experiences

Okay so it was Monday and we were off to the Olympics. So far my Olympic experience was to see the Olympic torch pass through Bletchley. Mmmmmmm – there were a lot of sponsors’ vehicles and loads of people in coaches waving at us. I still have no idea who they were. There were also more police than I have seen in my entire lifetime. To say that I was cynical about my forthcoming Olympic experience would be an understatement.
I packed us lunch in the appropriate sized bag. We left our guns, knives, canons and chainsaws at home as per the security instructions. We took an empty plastic bottle to fill up with water at the venue, as full bottles of water are apparently lethal.
To my surprise our journey to Wimbledon went as smooth as silk. There were even smiling volunteers with large foam fingers to point you in the right direction (I wish I had volunteered now). They even helped us cross the road, just in case we had forgotten how. One volunteer even took on a mutinous London taxi. His language was colourful and my sons learned a lot of new words.
The army presence was high, so there were no delays at the security checks. I have never been to Wimbledon before and to say that you were in the hands of experts is an understatement. They were superb. We made our way to court one and throughout the day were treated to some amzing singles matches.
Monaco Vs Goffin. Goffin looked about 12 poor thing.
Serena Vs a stick insect (Radwanska). If you had blown hard enough I’m sure she would have fallen over. Serena pretty much pasted her.
Tipsarevic vs Petzchner. It was very obvious that the Serbians had turned up to support Tipsarevic as there were flags everywhere. I felt quite sorry for the German, until he had a tantrum and broke his racket.
‘See that’s what you look like Alex when you have a tantrum when you lose a match.’ I said to my youngest.
‘At least Petzchner doesn’t lie on the ground and cry’ added my husband.
‘I don’t think I’m strong enough to break my racket yet’ lamented Alex.
However, I am now a doubles convert. It’s so fast, especially when it’s Serena and Venus, who took on Cirstea and Halep.
Tom loved it when Serena had a tantrum
‘Look her bottom lip’s wobbling!’
We also so some of the Federer/Wawrinka and Nishikori/Soeda match. By then it was getting late and we had to drag Andrew away kicking and screaming rather like Petzchner.


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