Mysteries Part 4

You are floating on your back, your arms are bobbing beside you. Yet it is not water on which you float. Silver wisps of light glitter around you. All is silent. Above you is blackness, but you are not afraid all you feel is calm. Too calm.
You begin to swim and then you see them.
Ignore them, whatever you do you must ignore them. Don’t watch as they flick their silvery hair over their shoulders, luring you in with their diamond eyes. They exist in distant tales. A warning for future generations.
You swim towards them. The light laps around you, it tastes sweet. You do not notice as the silver bleeds into red, warning you of the fate of so many others who have gone before. A smell of decay assaults your nose and biles rises in your throat as a piece of bloated meat oozes by; a bone exposed amongst the tendrils of flesh. You can discern a misshapen hand.
At last alarm bells begin to chime. You turn away from the siren-like creatures and haul yourself against the undercurrent. You do not seem to be making progress and you become more frantic, thrashing the light, screaming with frustration. Glancing back, the creatures are devoid of beauty, their jagged teeth and feral eyes fix you hungrily. Your stomach turns as you resume your futile attempts to escape.
‘Sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t listen!’ you scream.
But I do not know if I can forgive you and so I let the tide pull you towards them. I can’t help but smile. You’ll learn.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 3, 2012.

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