Lazy Days

Our first night we spent at an auberge (Auberge De La Joulie). What I loved about it was that, to me, it was typical France, with its courtyard and shuttered windows. Even better, no one spoke English. I find it really nice to actually have to speak another language and not have people start speaking to you in English wherever you go. The food and the wine were fantastic and after a good night’s sleep we were off to the campsite at Limeuil. This time we managed to stay on the right side of the road, though the traffic in Le Bugue was terrible.
Limeuil is a beautiful village built on a steep promontory overlooking the confluence of the River Vezere and River Dordogne. The ancient narrow streets wind upwards past old stone houses and through arches up to St Catherine’s church at the top. You really get a sense of past times.

One thing that did surprise me was how shallow the rivers were. We hired a couple of kayaks one morning from a place called Aquafun. We were advised not to go down the Vezere as it was so low that in places you would need to carry the kayaks. We opted to be dropped off at Le Buisson on the Dordogne, and paddle 5 km back to Limeuil. I say ‘we’, I mean Alex and I. Andrew and Tom put their feet up and let us do the hard work. It was beautiful. I highly recommend it. The river water was so clear and there were tonnes of butterflies and dragonflies dancing on the water. We also bought a couple of inflatables and took it in turns to go down the rapids at Limeuil. Again fantastic fun and not very hard work. So we have spent a few lazy days by the pool and the rivers, reading and sleeping. Andy suggested we get supplies in from the supermarket in Le Bugue. We ventured out in the car, reassured by the fact that there was a white line down the middle of the road to guide Andrew as to where to drive the car. The supermarket trip was a success in that we bought in a week’s supply of food and we didn’t crash. Since then Andy has suggested a trip to some prehistoric caves.
‘Where are they?’ asked Alex
‘Beyond Le Bugue’
I must admit my heart sank at the idea of another stressful, potentially fatal, car trip.
‘But we do that stuff at school’ complained Tom ‘Any way you are a prehistoric man, dad. Why do we need to see any more?’
I breathed a sigh of relief as Andy backed down. Sanity rules for another day.


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