The Mysteries Part 5

You awake. The sirens have gone, but you are confused. Your eyes send you confusing images. You focus on one eye. You can see a garden, as though you are looking at it through a window. When you focus on the other, you see what looks like a wall with a window sill. You are looking up at it, as though you are lying on the floor. There is something perched on the edge of the window sill, but no matter how hard you squint you cannot discern it.
Let me tell you what it is. I find it so funny, please let me tell you.
What you see on the window sill from your view on the floor, is your other eye. The eye that is looking out at the garden. Your eyes are now separate, but still have a single consciousness attached to them.
You scream in terror, though there is no noise. You can only scream in your mind; but I know your mind.
I told you not to go, but you wouldn’t listen and now you are literally falling apart. I flick the eye that is on the floor and it rolls, leaving a slimy trail behind it. I could step on it, but I resist. I am beginning to feel sorry for you, though I don’t know why I should.
Your eyeball comes to a stop. It is facing downwards. You are partially in the dark. The view of the garden gives you peace.
I sense the numbness of your mind, overcome by the predicament in which you find yourself. I’m bored, bored, bored! The game is not fun any more. I pick up the eye off the window sill and place it beside your other one. I make sure that they are both facing upwards. I can sense your relief.
Can you see the sole of my shoe hovering above you? Can you see it racing towards you? I am going to squash your eyes and shatter your mind.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 20, 2012.

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