Hurray! Best results for 30 years!

The night before A level results day is always tense and this year was no different. As you lie in your bed, you can think of a dozen things that could have gone wrong. How you could have taught a certain topic better. You dream of disappointed faces, complete disasters and wake up feeling far from refreshed. First thing, I pack my bag full of packets of tissues and cycle to work with heavy legs and a heavy heart, hoping that said tissues will remain in my bag.

Then there is the wait for students to come in and get their results. Their faces pale. They too have had a bloody awful night’s sleep. A level summer results determine their future. They determine if they get to university, or get a particular job. There is a lot to lose.

This year I did use my tissues, but it was for happy students. We got record results. 50% of our Psychology students got As and Bs! We were confirming university places, not sitting on the clearing website looking for alternatives. The most moving thing for me was seeing one of our student’s parents cry and telling their daughter how proud they were.

By the end of the day, we knew the majority of our students were fine and off to do what they wanted to do. I love happy endings. It fills me with great pride that their work paid off. I remember their jokes, their tantrums, their relationships with their peers and fundamentally their changes (usually for the better). However, there is a bit of sadness too at seeing them all grown up and moving on.


~ by envisioningutopia on August 30, 2012.

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