Damaged for life!

When I was small (around 6 years of age) I was allowed to stay up and hide behind the sofa to watch Dr Who. I would peer out from behind the sofa from time to time to see what was happening. The character that most frightened me was Davros, the head of the Daleks. His shrunken head appearance terrified me. I also hated the way that the daleks spoke. However, I knew that should the daleks invade the world you could always escape them by climbing the stairs.
Dr Who came back to the screen when I was an adult and it was my boys’ turn to hide behind cushions as they watched in terror. I, on the other hand was calm. I’d seen it all before. Or so I thought. As Rose Tyler raced away from the daleks, the boys clutched the sofa terrified.
‘It’s okay all she has to do is go up the stairs’ I said calmly.
Indeed she did. What I was not prepared for was the *********** thing flew!!!!!! What sick person came up with that! All my childhood, back-up, safety plans were flushed down the proverbial toilet. Fear revisited me!
But it didn’t end there.
We then had a particularly wet summer holiday in Cornwall. It rained every single day!!!!! We eventually ran out of things to do and so had to give in to the kids’ constant demands to see the Dr Who exhibition at Lands End. Alex’s legs gave way in fear two minutes into the exhibition when he saw the gas mask from the ‘Empty Child’ episode. He was also not enamoured by the ‘Crying Angels.’ Tom and I were loving it. That is – until we got to the end. As we went to exit I heard the familiar shrieks of a hysterical dalek, which was going to exterminate us. It was rising up in front of in front of us on a platform. Its voice rising in pitch, sending shivers down my spine.
‘It’s not really going to exterminate us is it mum?’ asked Thomas nervously.
‘Of course not, Tom.’ I replied, though to be honest, I was not convinced.


~ by envisioningutopia on September 3, 2012.

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