The Mysteries Part 6

I have broken you; both mind and body. You lie, helpless, dribbling, shaking with nerves. You stare blindly. Your body lacerated with self-inflicted wounds. Nightmares haunt you, driving you into nervous fits.
I have won. I am victorious.
Come back to me and do not dare to venture ever again.
I soothe your wounds with balmy oils. Caress you with haunting whispers of reassurance. I put you back together. I did not bother with the others. They were ungrateful.
Slowly you recover, bound to me by gratitude, not love. It will do, for now. You will never leave me again.
Whenever I see the fleeting look of adventurous desire, I whisper in your ear, reducing you, once more, to jelly.
I own you.
This is not the kind of place where you go outside after dark. Believe me. Many did not listen and they did not come back. I did not let them.


~ by envisioningutopia on September 6, 2012.

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