All Grown up in an oversized uniform

It was with mixed feelings that I watched my eldest son and his mate head off on their first trip to secondary school.
Two weeks previously, we had had the unenviable task of sorting out his school uniform. We fell into the store at nine o’clock on Saturday morning and didn’t re-emerge until two hour later; frustrated and considerably poorer.
What I found unbelievable was that there was an expectation that all year 7 students have reached a particular size. Unfortunately, Tom isn’t amongst them. We didn’t even bother buying the tracksuit . The trousers were two times longer than his legs and the arms on the top pretty much went to his knees. No one would have ever picked him to play on their team. They wouldn’t have been able to see him for a start.
Having spent the next few days, taking up, taking in and naming various items of uniform, he was ready to go.
On the morning of the ‘big day’ Andy attempted to show him how to do up his tie. He got frustrated when Tom did not readily pick up on what he was saying. The whole attempt ended in disaster, as Tom was far too nervous to take in what was being said. Fifteen minutes before he was due to set off, he was pacing up and down in an over-sized blazer, with an enormous rucksack on his back. He looked both young and vulnerable, but at the same time very grown up.
I didn’t want to stay at home waiting for a text to say that he had arrived at school, so I drove , completely preoccupied, to work. Half of me didn’t want to check my texts to find out that he had been squished on the way to school. At 8.30 a text came through.
Oh God! He’s growing up.


~ by envisioningutopia on September 12, 2012.

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