Tiny Play Festival

It was with great trepidation that I left work and went down to London to see the Tiny Play Festival in Vauxhall. Especially as some of friends were coming with me. It is one thing to have a novel read, or a blog read. They seem very remote, almost unreal, compared to sitting there watching people’s reaction first hand. I have only been in this kind of situation before when a poem of mine was read out at the Scribal Gathering. The key difference being, that I didn’t know anyone. What’s more we were going all the way to London! Oh the responsibility
I needn’t have worried, the evening was a fantastic. I’m not so big-headed as to believe that this was due to my play. It was due to the hard work of Director Deborah Mason and her fine actors: Nicky Diss, Dafydd Gwyn Howells, Mark Inger, Debbie Leigh Simmons, Simon Nicholas and Amy Rose. Deborah’s scenery was inspired. She had got a huge scroll of paper, on which the scenery for each play was drawn, and they literally rolled it up each time the new play came on so that the scenery was there for that play. The Tea House Theatre is a teahouse during the day. It was a very intimate venue and it was packed.
At the end, the audience had to write down a word, or phrase on a piece of paper and hand it in. The actors then picked two each and had to come up with a tiny play, using only those words. Whilst they were doing this, Deborah asked the audience what scenery they would like for their play and literally painted it in front of them. I would be involved in something like this again, like a shot. However, as most of the plays were humorous, I think I would be a lot more adventurous next time.


~ by envisioningutopia on September 30, 2012.

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