That’s it! I resign.

I didn’t think that things could get any worse. The lack of communication from my son as to his whereabouts was bad enough, but he decided to take his annoyingness to new heights. Several times over the past few weeks I have asked if he has had any letters from school. (His old school seemed to inundate us with correspondence). He swore blind that he hadn’t got any. A few days later he modified this, after I expressed concern that I hadn’t received a letter about a forthcoming event at the school.
‘I have had some letters, but they would not be of interest to you.’
My husband and I were not impressed, when he piled the letters on to the table, to find that we must be perceived as the most incompetent parents in the world. We had missed all sorts of deadlines. Tom did not have a good evening.
Next was the PE kit fiasco. Tom brought his kit home to be washed and left it under his bed (helpful). I managed in the end to wash it during the week and had the relevant kit for him for Thursday. I checked he had packed it the night before. I reminded him not to forget it as he got dressed (oh and again when he was putting his shoes on). He came home in a bad mood. He had received a warning for forgetting his kit!
‘But I reminded you.’ I was about to lose my temper.
‘Not as I went out the door. Also when you shouted at me about the letters, that makes me forget’
‘Ok’ I said calmly.
He looked worried.
‘I’ve decided Tom, that I am not up to your impossible job description of being a mother. Therefore, I resign.’
‘You can’t do that’ he gasped.
‘I’m sure I can, and I just have.’


~ by envisioningutopia on October 4, 2012.

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