Happy Day after Birthday

I suppose it sounds ridiculous, but I still get excited about my birthday, though in recent years I have had to reign myself in. For some reason, I have the ludicrous idea that it should go better than any other day. This year, I was at my desk by 7.30. I worked all day. The students, if anything were not as focused. I think it is because my expectations that everything will go swimmingly on one particular day, makes it even worse when they don’t. By the time 5pm came, I was not in a very good mood and had written my birthday off. It was only when I got home that things seemed to be brighter. Tom (despite his 12 years) was jumping up and down with excitement. He gave me a watch that I am not allergic to! Hurray! Alex had already told me three times (by accident) what he had got me. Slippers! Despite getting them every year, I love it. Then as a special treat, me and Andy got to go out together on our own. We went to my favourite pub, ‘The Plough’. It was taken over by an Italian brother and sister. At first, we were worried that they would renovate it into a bar and restaurant, like so many other places in Milton Keynes. But they have kept the authenticity of ‘the old man’s pub’ and have a superb restaurant in the back. The food is fab. After we got home, I felt that from 5pm onwards it had actually felt like my birthday.
However, it was the next day that was truly special. We had arranged to go and see some friends that we hadn’t seen for a while. It was not in celebration of my birthday at all. Apart from a horrible journey down, with some drunks being abusive in the train carriage, we arrived in Euston and ambled down in the sunshine to Russel Square. The British museum is fantastic. I could live there. The glass roof of the foyer is amazing and it really lifts your mood being in the natural light. I could spend my life lying in there watching the sky passing overhead. When we arrived we got some kids’ activity books, which gave us our bearings. My first treat was the Egyptian rooms. There were mummies, preserved bodies and bones. I wandered through with a morbid fascination. It eventually hit me that I was in fact looking at the hoard of body snatchers. I don’t think that I would have liked it if my Gran had been dug up and put on display, so after that I didn’t feel so comfortable about it. After that, we went to see the Rosetta Stone (Andy reminded me how important it had been in interpreting Hieroglyphics). At the risk of being cynical (I know it has probably shaped our lives) It was just a stone with writing on it. The boys were enthused so far and insisted we went to the Chinese room. There we saw a three legged toad with Liu Hai on its back. Tom and Alex promptly tried to re enact the pose (at great risk to the exhibits) The figurines put me in mind of a wedding present that you give to someone, and they spend the rest of their married lives trying to get rid of it. They only put it on display when the person who bought it comes round. Next we went to a room, imaginatively called room 1. This was like an old library. I wished that they had had a large table where you could sit and just browse through the books. In here there were also fossils, which are fascinating. Then we rushed off to the Inuit, Indian and Aztec displays. The Aztec masks were frightening, though beautiful. Some used skulls as the basis for the turquoise decorations. If the museum was anything like ‘Night at the Museum’ I would not like to be in there when they came to life. There was a statue from Easter Island and also it made me feel how far we had drifted from being able to survive without all the technology.
Tom then visited the shop and bought skull related paraphernalia and books about Gods. (He is a bit of a nerd in that sense)The final part of the day was spent catching up over a meal in Ask Italia. Lurvely!
And so I am now resolved, that the next time my birthday falls on a week day, I shall not bother to celebrate it. I shall organise it for a day when I can spend it with friends and family, doing something special!


~ by envisioningutopia on October 7, 2012.

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