Day off? Really?

Five weeks into the term and I am crawling on my hands and knees towards half term. I feel exhausted. Having spent the week dropping off in chairs, whilst reading, my husband said that it was good that my day off was coming up. I really think he believes that I sit at home, drinking tea and reading magazines. So my ‘day off’ this week started with a 10km run at 6am, followed by a sandwich making spree. Then I dropped off my youngest at school and sprinted to Tesco to do the weekly shop. I hate Tesco and usually boycott it. (That’s why it has lost billions in profits – because that’s how much I spent there.) I have a new tactic. I spend half the time in there and so spend half the amount. I met some friends for a quick coffee to plan our next ghost trip, then ran to the post office to get my manuscript ‘Emerson Street’ weighed, so I can finally pluck up the courage to send it to publishers (roll on the rejections). Then it was back home to paint the next section of the infinite wood on the stairwell. Next it was editing ‘Sycax’ (second of ‘The Medi’ trilogy) which I am trying to pluck up the courage to publish myself. Whilst doing this, I did the washing, arranged visits to the dentist, vet etc and sending promised lesson plans to a colleague (had to write them first). I checked work email and then wished I hadn’t. Then it was off to the library and then I took a top back to the shop, as I felt my entire family could fit in it. The shop assistant agreed. Off to collect Alex and home to mark. Oh no. Tom arrived home very cross because his bike lock collapsed and he couldn’t free his bike, so off we rushed to deal with that. I had a quick look for the receipt in all the bins (said bike lock is only three weeks old). Guess what? It is the only receipt I don’t have! So to make myself feel better, I sent an e-mail to Bell, telling them I’m not happy, the lock is not fit for purpose etc. Hurray, back to marking, whilst cooking tea at the same time and supervising Tom phoning his father, to make sure he brings another bike lock home from work. All that’s left to do is to take Tom to Scouts, which is in the middle of a forest. I will sit in the car and do my OU course by torchlight, and some more marking. I hope to be home by nine o’clock so I can do the washing up, rinse out the paint brush (which I had forgotten about), get the sandwiches ready for the next day and say hello to my husband. Day off? I don’t think so.


~ by envisioningutopia on October 11, 2012.

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