Four Weeks In

It has now been four weeks since Alex took up shooting. We are still alive, which is far more than I had anticipated. Each Sunday, Alex is up with the lark, and donning layers of clothing ready for a morning in a sheep field of poo! Today was no exception. As ever, we arrived thinking that there was no one there. However, the car park was full and, on closer scrutiny, we could pick out the various members in their camouflage jackets, hidden in the grass. We now have our own pellets and a cushion to sit on. I’m holding out on the gun!
For the past two week,s we have had a grumpy Tom in tow. Last week, he did not want to go on a thirty mile bike ride with Andy. This week, he didn’t want to go on any bike ride with Andy. So he decided to come and be disgruntled with us instead. It didn’t last long, by the end of the session he was firing with Alex (at least it wasn’t at him.) There was another boy there, and both Alex and Tom seem to have decided that he is the enemy to be beaten at all costs.
I learned a lot this week. The boys were using a scorpion gun, which I know how to load and cock! I got to hold it and stupidly commented on how heavy it was.
‘That’s nothing,’ said the instructor ‘ My gun’s far heavier!’ Oh God it was all getting a bit Freudian for my liking.
I also know how to ‘Zero’ a gun. The poor lad, who has a rivlary with my kids, did not get a look in today. His father decided that his gun needed zeroing, which led to blue markers being put on targets, people playing with scopes. I think at least ten men were involved!
Apparently, if you put a scope (see how technical I have become) It’s the thing you look through, on top of the gun (the thing you shoot through) they can be pointing in different directions. Therefore, you have to align them by shooting at targets and twisting bits. I told this to Andy as my interesting fact for the day (Apparently it was obvious)
Any way, next week I have the week off as I am going ghost hunting. Andy will be taking the kids, which either means they’ll all be enthusiasts or they’ll shoot each other.


~ by envisioningutopia on October 14, 2012.

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