Ghost Hunting In Oxford: Part 1

So our annual Ghost Hunt was in Oxford this year and we started out near Magdalen Bridge where a man who jumped off the bridge is supposed to haunt. There were plenty of people about, though none looked especially ghostly. We then walked down Dead Man’s Walk. It was beautiful though a bit weird to see a fork attached to a tree. Although it sounds ominous, Dead Man’s Walk is so called because it was where Jewish funeral processions took place to the cemetary. The cemetary is now the site of the Botanical Gardens. At the end of the Dead Man’s Walk is a kissing gate at Merton Grove. It is here where a royalist officer, Colonel Windebank, is supposed to haunt. We went back here at night and though he wasn’t wandering around, it still felt quite eerie.
Next we ventured up the High Street and ended up in Radcliffe Square, where we visited a church that was undergoing renovation. It had a spooky staircase. Then on past various colleges to a graveyard.

The graveyard at St Thomas the Martyr felt more unhappy than scary, though the streets up to it (St Thomas’s and Paradise Street) were very atmospheric. I could almost imagine the carriages from past times clattering up the streets.

After some lunch, we headed up to the mound at Oxford Castle. This was when the first spooky thing happened. At the top of the mound, you can go down some steep steps into the mound to a well. One of my friends took pictures down here. She showed them to me at the time. When we got back down to the castle all the picture had gone! Mary Blandy is supposed to haunt here, after being wrongfully accused and killed for her father’s death. Perhaps she was letting us know she was about.

Queen’s Lane was probably the most eerie place we went to. We were taken there as part of Bill Spectre’s Ghost tour. The next day, one of my friend’s photos had what looked like a face at one of the windows, yet there was no one there when the photo was taken.


~ by envisioningutopia on October 28, 2012.

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