Ghost Hunting in Oxford: Part 2

Probably the most spooky experience we had was in the pub, whilst we were waiting to go on Bill Spectre’s Ghost tour. We all witnessed a flash of light in the corner of the room. A bit like a strobe light flickering to come on and yet there was no light there.
Bill Spectre’s Ghost tour, was more entertaining, than it was spooky. He suggested to one of the crowd that Mary Blandy had tapped him on the shoulder. The guy was adamant that she had. He was a magician and really involved the children in the group. One interesting place that he took us was a small lane where he pointed out a door with a lion knocker on it. There were fawn gargoyles either side. Apparently the door gave Lewis Carroll inspiration for ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.’
After a poor night’s sleep. There was someone pacing up and down in the room above all night! I wish it had been a ghost, but apparently it wasn’t. We set off to Oxford Castle. It used to be a prison and we were given a guided tour around it. This included a visit to the crypt, where a monk is supposed to haunt. Unfortunately most of the prison is now a luxury hotel (oh how the former inmates laugh), so we didn’t get to see the whole of it.
I did take a picture of a ghost crossing the courtyard. But neither of the people with me thought it looked very convincing and so we experimented taking ghostly pictures of ourselves.
As a ghost city, I didn’t feel it was particularly spooky, though some of the old lanes around the colleges are quite eerie particularly at night. After the prison, we revisited the lanes and one of the colleges (St Edmund Hall) and my friend swore that she had been tapped on the shoulder when we were looking around the graveyard. So maybe the ghosts were a bit more elusive (or exclusive) in Oxford!


~ by envisioningutopia on November 4, 2012.

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