Skyfall – Wow

You are looking at someone who has never managed to sit through a whole James Bond film before. Wel,l except for ‘Living Daylights’ which I can’t remember anything about, apart from the theme tune was by Aha. The only other snippets I can remember is a man with a mouth full of metal called Jaws, who took a bite out of a shark. I used to find him very scary. They are not the kind of films that I go to watch, partly because the brunette women are always the ‘Baddie’ (not happy). So it was with quite a bit of disinterest that I went to see ‘Skyfall’. The opening credits were amazing and the stunts were breathtaking. Adele’s song is really growing on me. I spotted one continuity problem. This isn’t because I am some sort of film nerd. It’s just that I always keep an eye on my bag, when I put it down in a strange place. I found myself doing the same for M’s bag and noticed that as she went to leave, she left it behind. The next thing, it was on her shoulder. You see some things really worry me in programmes. There is a children’s series called ‘Clifford the Big Red dog’ and I find it hard to watch. It is about a dog who is loved so much that he grows as big as a house. I can’t enjoy it. I worry about the vet bills, the food bills and also the sheer amount of dog mess that he must leave behind. It’s funny, but the inhabitants of Birdwell Island don’t seem very distressed. Sorry, I digress. ‘Skyfall’ is ridiculous. The plot is implausible, but I loved it. I like the humour. There were a lot of allusions to previous Bond films. It was almost ‘tongue in cheek’, in following the Bond formula. Everyone laughed when we saw the komodo dragons in the pit. We all knew what would happen. The actors were superb. Javier Bardem was born to be a ‘Baddie’ and really hammed it up. Bérénice Marlohe was amazing and played a really moving role and Judi Dench, well she was awesome. I was thoroughly entertained. I particularly liked how they gave some background to James Bond. He wasn’t just a womanising action figure. So if you have a spare three hours, treat yourself.


~ by envisioningutopia on November 11, 2012.

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