An unexpected emotion

Having had a frustrating week, I hit the ground running on Saturday and sprinted off down the Post Office to get various items weighed. I arrived at nine on the dot. To my dismay there was already a queue and the guy behind the counter did not decide to open until ten past. I waited, increasingly frustrated as the people before me had very complex issues. One was banking coins, which she poured onto the counter to be counted! I tried not to look at my watch. I had to be somewhere else very soon and I thought I’d be quick. I rushed home, picking up my sons. We got to Tom’s club just in time. Alex wanted to go Christmas shopping, so we walked down the road towards the shops. I felt tense. I had a bag full of marking to do and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the shops on a Saturday. As we turned the corner, I could hear some music. It was very faint. As the doors to the shopping centre opened, I could hear traditional Christmas Carols and what is more they were being played by a real brass band! I was instantly transported back to my childhood. When I was wee, a brass band used to come round the streets just before Christmas and play under the light of the street lamp. When this happened Christmas had arrived.
‘Are you alright?’ asked Alex.
I hadn’t realised but I had gone all misty eyed. And, although I did not have the time, we stood there and listened and clapped when they finished. To be honest it made my week.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 9, 2012.

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