And it just keeps on coming

So, at last, I have finished teaching! Just prep and marking to do. Today I attempted to find Andy’s Christmas present. And, yes…. it really doesn’t exist yet. We have agreed to look for something after Christmas. So the pressure is off there as well. I decided to spend the day doing my course. I have not had any time at all recently and I am just ticking along on it. An hour in, and I was at last feeling relaxed. I had got to grips with some of the content, even though I have had no sleep for three nights! It was then I looked up, with a sense of contentedness, only to be greeted by a thin trickle of water, making its way across the kitchen floor, from the washing machine. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Anyone who has been following the saga of our washing machine, knows that it took 5 people to fix it last time! So out it was pulled. Water was mopped up, mains were turned off. Andrew shouted instructions down the phone as I squeezed into ridiculous places with a torch. And then it happened. I had reached my breaking point.
‘You know what?’
‘What?’ Andrew sounded wary. And well he might.
‘That’s it. It can flood the ######## kitchen for all I care. I cannot cope any more.’
And that was it. It was liberating. I don’t care about Christmas, the presents, the dinner, the house being ready. I’m not doing any more! So I got in the car and went to collect Alex from school, with knitting in tow, of course.


~ by envisioningutopia on December 20, 2012.

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