Just Let Go

So the washing machine, had finally bitten the dust – or perhaps not? Andrew spent the evening playing around with it and it is still hanging in there. I had gone beyond my breaking point and no longer cared any more about Christmas, the house or anything else. All I can say is, that it is the best thing in the world that could have happened. The final shop up on Friday became the most good humoured pre-Christmas shop that I have ever had. I got a round of applause from the customers at the till when I announced that I had last finished all my shopping. We had a party on Saturday. I could not be bothered to worry about it. Let it be what it would be. To my surprise, it was a great success. The house somehow was tidy the next day. I think I even saw Tom with a hoover! I started work on Monday at 6am. I enjoyed doing my marking. Instead of thinking how much I had to do. I just got lost in the moment. Somehow the turkey and ham got cooked. In the evening we went to see ‘The Life Of Pi’. It is a beautiful film. I particularly loved the ending. I eventually got to bed 1am on Christmas Morning. My mother-in-law and I went to sing carols at the small church in the village. The boys woke us at 5am!!!!! then again at 6am and finally at 8am. However, somehow Christmas Day went brilliantly. The whole meal came together on time and even the sprouts tasted nice. So all I can say is stop worrying just let go. It works!!!


~ by envisioningutopia on December 27, 2012.

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