Ghost Hunting in Stony Stratford

So we were back in the mood for ghost hunting, though this time it had to be subtle, as we had families in tow. We met at St Guthlac’s Church in Passenham.IMG_0964 Apparently there is a spooky route from there to Galley Hill (where naughty people used to get hung in Milton Keynes). The church was unusual in that it had an arched roof that was bowed, rather than pointed; rather like a polytunnel. Some of the gravestones dated back to the early 18th Century. We then headed across the boggy fields towards Stony Stratford. It was an overcast day, giving a brooding feel to the walk. The wind enhanced the atmosphere, giving a haunting tune as it blew through the hollow pipes of the metal gate, between the fields. I almost expected to see the convict, Magwitch from Great Expectations, limping towards us.
We crossed the River Great Ouse, which raced past at a furious pace. It was swollen due to the huge amounts of rain we have had recently. The bridge we crossed seemed very fragile. IMG_0966 It is here, by the converted mill that Nancy Webb is supposed to haunt after being mangled in the mill wheel. Soon we were crossing the High Street in Stony Stratford, which looks like something from Dickensian times. It is here where the famous coaching inn, The Cock and The Bull can be found. Here travellers would exchange gossip and the origin of a ‘Cock and Bull story came from’ (literally meaning a load of rubbish.)
The highlight of the walk was an old church tower, St Mary’s.IMG_0972 The rest of it having been burned to the ground. Alex was unhappy as soon as we went in, stating that he didn’t like the feel of the place. IMG_0975There was a grate over the entrance of the tower, and the graves were all higgledy piggledy. Also one of the tombs had partially disintegrated. Apparently one of the gravestones started with ‘Here lies someone who did no good’ And that set the theme for the visit. Needless to say, the true ghost hunters amongst us, have put it down for a night time visit.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 2, 2013.

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