John Lewis, or not John Lewis? that is the question

Andrew finally decided what he wanted for Christmas and we went and tried it out in store. When I went to buy it, they did not have any in stock and so I ordered it. The sales person gave me the receipt, stating that I would receive an email telling me when I could collect it. I looked at the receipt that he had given me.
‘It says here I can collect after 2pm tomorrow.’
‘Yes that’s right. You will receive an e mail confirming it.’
Sure enough, the email was with me confirming that I should pick up the item! What could be simpler? So after 2pm, I joined the masses at the collection point and was told that my item would be with me in a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later, I asked what had happened. I was told my item was there and they were sending it down. Ten minutes later, the sales person went off with the receipt, to get it himself. Ten minutes later he hadn’t returned. I collared the manager, who seemed to be having a ‘spend the day on the shop floor day.’
To be fair, he went off to chase it, but by now I suspected that the store room was a black hole, that had sucked all employees into it.
After 45 minutes a rather apologetic woman emerged, holding a phone to her ear. She had been trying to get through to somewhere for fifteen minutes and it transpired that the item I ordered was not only not in the building, but not even at the distribution centre! They were working on where my item was and would phone me.
They did phone and my mobile lost its signal. When they did get through I asked them to phone my land line, so they promptly called my mobile again.
The lad on the line informed me that they had the item in stock and I would need to pay for it.
‘But I have already paid for it. I have the receipt’
‘No you haven’t paid John Lewis, you have paid our on-line service.’
‘Surely you are one and the same?’
Apparently not.
I must admit I was reluctant to pay for the item twice, and I told him so.
‘Oh you don’t pay for it twice. You pay us and then cancel the order with the on-line service. I’ll give you the number.’
‘But you made the order, can’t you cancel it.’
‘No, because it’s your credit card.’
‘But you used my credit card to make the order?’
So apparently someone else from John Lewis can use your credit card to make the order, but they can’t then cancel it. It got worse. I decided that as I believed that the purchase I had made was with John Lewis then they could sort it out. They told me that they would get back to me.
I then got another call from John Lewis, that wasn’t John Lewis. They were phoning me so that I could cancel my order.
‘Okay and then you will re-order it for me from the store?’
No they couldn’t do that. I would have to phone the store to purchase it from them. AHHHHHHH!
‘Why if they have it in the store did they not give it to me?’
He couldn’t answer that.
‘I’ll stick with the order I have made then. When will it be in?’
‘Sometime this week, you’ll probably get an e mail’
‘But I already had an e mail telling me it was in today.’
Apparently that wasn’t a real e mail. Somehow the new email would be different, though he couldn’t be certain if I would get an e mail at all.
‘So should I check my order on line?’
He advised against it as it was not always reliable (no kidding). It would be best if I phoned them (it’s only 1p a minute!)
The long and the short of it is. I have no idea when my item will arrive or if I’ll be informed of its arrival. That’s customer service for you.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 6, 2013.

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