The grass is always greener

So the snow is about to descend upon us and the world is looking beautiful.IMG_1001 However, even in the world of animals, life looks better from someone else’s perspective. Take our rabbit, for example who has been stuck inside his hutch because it is so cold. Today I took pity on him and let him out as he was getting so restless. Just as he couldn’t wait to get out of the hutch, the cat couldn’t wait to get inside of it and snuggle up. I then heard on the radio that we need to put a little extra out for the birds, so I scattered some bird food out on the climping frame. Then I looked out of the window to see our other cat prowling around. I called him in and gave him some cat food, but no, this is not what he wanted. He actually sat on the top of the climbing frame eating the food that was put out for the birds. It just goes to show, we always want what we don’t have, even cats!


~ by envisioningutopia on January 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “The grass is always greener”

  1. Last winter I started putting a dish of cat food out on my porch for a stray cat that was prowling the neighborhood, but the birds kept eating most of it. I came home from work one morning to find the cat sitting with about a dozen birds on my porch, all patiently waiting for the dish to be refilled!

    • Completely bizarre, it sounds like when we seemed to be getting through loads of cat food. I locked the cat flap and there was a queue by it the next day. Apparently we had been feeding all the cats in the neighbourhood!

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