Snow Running – There’s nothing like it!

The predicted snow has come at last. It is my favourite kind of weather, mainly because when you are out running in it, you feel so alive. Obviously you have to be careful. Now for the health and safety bit. I wait until it has been snowing for about an hour, to ensure that I’m not running on ice. IMG_1002 I love it because it is physically demanding, but also psychologically demanding as well. You are pitting your wits against mother nature. Within minutes of leaving the house, you are toastie warm (providing you are wearing the right clothes). Your face is stinging with the snowflakes. It is so refreshing. The real bonus is that it is beautiful. IMG_1005 Snow seems to have a habit of dampening down sound, so that when you are out in the fields it seems so still. All you can hear is the crunch of the snow beneath your trainers. After a few times doing this, you become quite adept at knowing where and where not to run. I was really pleased to see a couple of other runners out today as well, as addicted as I am to these conditions. One was being very sensible and had spikes on her shoes. So all you treadmill runners, out you go. I guarantee that you’ll love it! IMG_1008


~ by envisioningutopia on January 20, 2013.

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