Do not sleep! Lest you should dream -Part 3

The police car is warm and the engine purrs softly, luring me to my death. I jolt myslef upwards, ensuring that the handcuffs dig into my wrists. The journey is interminable battle to keep myself awake. The hypnotic windscreen wipers swish to and fro. The police murmur to each other. I need noise!
I scream and scream and scream! A policeman starts to shout. That’s good. It’s a relief. The car screeches to a halt and my door is opened. Cold, wet air blasts my face. I cry with happiness.
‘Are you hurt?’ he asks.
‘No I am alive. I’m going to stay alive.’
He looks at his partner who shrugs, making a sign to say that I am crazy. But I am not mad.
The car lurches forward. I start to cross and uncross my legs, trying to keep in time to a beat in my head. It takes all my concentration. Anything to stop me from thinking about sleep. At last we arrive. I’m hauled out of the car. I lift my face skywards and allow the rain to pelt my face. It sends my nerves tingling. I am led across the car park though the double doors into the police station. A large, fat policeman sist behind his desk, looking unimpressed. I have to give him my details. I have problems remembereing my name. I empty my pockets, taking my time. If I’m on my feet. If I have things to do, then I have to stay awake.
My heart sinks as I am led downstairs into the basement. It is cool down there, but not cool enourh. I cry and plead with them.
‘Don’t leave me here. It’s too warm. It’s too quite. Stay with me. Talk to me.’
But I am marched towards the cells. I wrench my arm away from the officer’s and run back up the stairs. In seconds I am wrestled to the ground. I close my eyes and the shouting voices fade. I am face to face with the creature that lurks in the receeses of my mind.


~ by envisioningutopia on January 24, 2013.

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