Three Steps forward. Two steps back!

It’s been a bizarre and irritating week week. Sunday saw huge amounts of snow fall and so inevitably the kids were off school on Monday. I, on the other hand, trudged through the snow, the four miles to work. On the bright side I got some gorgeous photos.IMG_1009 Then Tom was ill and that, coupled with publishing problems, I have felt pretty frustrated. I can liken my mental frustration to 2 physical events that happened this week. The first being when the snow turned to ice. I had to work Saturday and so set off again by foot as it was too icy to cycle or run. In fact it was too icy to walk. It seemed that for every three steps I took forward, I slid two steps back. I got to work in record slow time. Then there is the garage clearing. Our garage is due to be knocked down in a week and so we have to clear it. I can only liken it to being like a bowl of spaghetti. No matter how much you eat, the amount of pasta never seems to get smaller. The same with the contents of the garage. You clear a space and there’s more behind it. They say that things are at their darkest, just before they become brightest. I’m hoping it’s true! IMG_1010


~ by envisioningutopia on January 27, 2013.

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