It made my day!

So I had resigned myself to a very busy day. I was being observed first thing and I wasn’t looking forward to it. The class can be erratic at times. That, coupled with the fact I had six hours of teaching and I also had to do an hour’s observation, kind of made me feel a bit low. I knew I’d be all right when I got to work. As Alex and I headed out into the pouring rain (will it ever stop?) I was not feeling particularly cheery. I turned on Radio 2 to listen to Chris Evans hoping I might get more upbeat. I’m really glad I did. Professor Michael Trimble was being interviewed. He has written a book called ‘Why Humans Like to Cry,’ which I have every intention of buying. His interview was fascinating. One of the theories why women tend to cry more than men was put down to the size or men’s nasal passages! There is also link between music and crying but not art and crying. I could have sat all day and listened. Even better, I could use the information in my fisrt lecture (which was the one I was being observed in) because we were looking at gender differences. (There’s someone looking out for me). Professor Trimble also mentioned that he was doing research into why some people don’t cry and asked people who don’t cry to e mail him, so that he could send them a questionnaire. So if you are someone who doesn’t blub perhaps you’d like to take part in some ground-breaking research. Email him on Unfortunately I love a good cry, so I can’t!


~ by envisioningutopia on January 31, 2013.

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