One Desert Island Please!

It seems to be one of those weeks where nothing is going quite right. Work has been full of minor frustrations and the odd unhappy worker or student. My book is still showing up on Amazon. Home has been tense, as we are now living with a bike in the front room and bits from the garage strewn all over the house. To top it all, I was having a relaxing evening last night. So for some reason, everyone waited until the chaos that was this morning to hand over letters from school that needed to be dealt with straight away or ask complicated questions as I was going out the door.
‘Why did you all leave it until this morning?’ I pleaded with my family. After a few grumpy grunts from everyone I gave up. It seems that everyone is tense and grumpy. I could quite happily give it all up and go and live on a desert island.
To top it all I am at home today and the builders have not turned up despite the sun shining its hardest! So I decided to hunt them down. Eventually I got through to a very chirpy builder. Yes they would be with me by 11.30. Apparently they have been working hard all morning getting everything together and disposing of the rubbish from our garage. He had decided that they all deserved a bacon sandwich each and so they were having a break. Then it hit me. Not everyone races around like headless chickens. Some people reward themselves for a job well done. Some people take their time and refuse to join the rat race and be pressured and bullied. So I am inspired – a desert island or a bacon sarnie will be fine.


~ by envisioningutopia on February 7, 2013.

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