little things……..

My mum always says ‘Little things please little minds..’ However I don’t see anything wrong with getting a pleasure from ‘little things’ I’m sure, like me, you live in a hectic, uncompromising, brutal world. Sometimes it seems that life is stacked against you and everyone is just a selfish bastard, so you need to cheer yourself up somehow.
So the two little things that have kept me going this week are the result of vandalism. A very selfish act, that has brought much joy into my life. The first was scratched on the back of a Midland rail train seat. My husband and I were heading down to London to meet with some friends. We had just entered that nervous stage, where you have convinced yourselves that you are on the wrong train. Not that there is anything wrong with Birmingham. It’s just we didn’t want to go there. And so there it was. A pearl of unexpected wisdom.
‘Be happy, you look better that way.’
We decided to follow the advice and had a fantastic night out.
The second ‘little thing’, was a snow scultpure on the windscreen of someone’s car. I wish I had had my camera. They had sculpted one of the ghosts from pac man on the windscreen, so as we drove round the corner we were met with a large, grinning, ghostly face. Fantastic, we chuckled our way to school.
So, yes! Little things please little minds, but it’s a darn site less horrible than being miserable.


~ by envisioningutopia on February 14, 2013.

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