Ice Hockey and Coercion

A couple of weeks ago, a very excited Alex came rushing home from school. Apparently there was a deal not to be missed. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. And, what is more, the school would benefit as well. Yes, if we paid a bargain price for tickets to see our local team (MK Lightning) play ice hockey, then all sorts of benefits would ensue and life would change dramatically for the better. I’m afraid I’m a cynical old cow. The sales pitch was lost on me. However, my ever-persistent son persuaded his dad that it was the best thing he could ever do. So my husband bought tickets for me, Tom and Alex to go. He couldn’t as he was off to see Harry Hill at the MK theatre. (divorce proceedings are now underway). I tried to be enthusiastic about going to see a game I knew nothing about. Well that’s not totally true. I know it is on ice. So we arrived at the cold, bleak-looking ice rink to watch them play the Guildford Flames. I was glad to see a large number of school parents there, who also complained about the hard sale tactics of their children.
Alex had told me that the game was split into four quarters of fifteen minutes each. Nope! It was three sections of 20 minutes (though the clock was stopped every time play stopped) So each section could go on for at least half an hour. Two and a half hours later the game finished!!!! And I still had no idea what was going on. Every time they went to score, there was a mass of padded blokes in the way, so you couldn’t see anything. It is one of those games that must be great to play, but tedious to watch.
‘Now for the free skate’ said Alex. I looked at my watch. It was already 9.30pm and the queue for skates was already around 5 miles long. Alex was proving unreliable in his information about the evening. Yes, the skate was free, but you had to hire skates!. I was now reaching the end of my tether and Tom looked as though he was dead on his feet. We took a vote(being a democratic kind of family this week) and Tom and I won the chance to go home.
Andrew had a fantastic time at Harry Hill. He tried to look disappointed at missing the ice hockey. He didn’t seem too chuffed when I handed him the two for one offer to see MK lightning the following Saturday!


~ by envisioningutopia on February 25, 2013.

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