The motorway of life

If anyone asked you where you were on the motorway of life. What would your response be? Racing down the fast line, overtaking everyone. Standing out for all to see. Or maybe you’re a middle lane person, chugging along at a reasonable pace, doing better than some people and relatively content with your progress.
For me, the last couple of months have been in the slow lane and occasionally stopping off on the hard shoulder, either to take break or because things have just broken down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. The slow lane gives me time to reflect, though I’m not always happy with what I discover. I think my life needs attention and some thought, rather than chugging along as usual and unfortunately this means time, effort and persistence (something I’m not too great at.)
I have learned a lot about myself. Firstly, that when things don’t go as planned, I tend to hide away. I lose a sense of proportion and I care too much about what other people think. So I am attempting to change these old patterns and it is slowly paying off.
So anyone else who is currently stopped off on the hard shoulder awaiting for a breakdown service, here’s some advice from a ‘getting more wise’ person!
Firstly, take control where you can.
Make those difficult decisions and stick with the decision that you make.
Change the way you think about things, so that things that might upset you are not so important in your life.
Surround yourself with upbeat and motivating people. It rubs off on you. Believe me!
And thus ends the lecture for today!


~ by envisioningutopia on March 2, 2013.

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