Mother’s Day with a difference!

I’m not a great one for Mother’s Day, partly because any past attempts at making it special have been spoilt by the Alex Great Tantrum. Every year, without fail, he manages to have one. So this year, I went for my run and contented myself with the fact that it could only go spectacularly down hill from then on. To my surprise, I received two gifts. One being a pair of running socks (desperately needed) and the other a beautiful hanging basket.
And the rest of the day…?
I managed to clean out the rabbit and construct an outdoor house for the cats (whilst it was snowing). I cleaned out under the stairs and created a shoe rack out of old pieces of wood. I cleaned the bathroom, the bedrooms, the stairs. I have finished the ironing and am about to do some marking (as well a prepare food and wash up).
A fab Mother’s day for getting things done!
However, I have just learned that Chelsea are losing in the football, so there is still time for an Alex Tantrum!


~ by envisioningutopia on March 10, 2013.

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