Just 48 hours in a day – that’s all I ask.

Ahhhhhh! I feel like a juggler, trying to keep an increasing number of balls in the air. I try and keep an eye on everything and just as I think it is going ok and I focus on something else, then it slips out of control again. I’ve reverted to knitting – always a bad sign. Freud would have a field day at the number of defense mechanisms I have put up to help me. I was recently asked in an interview if I ever had to manage competing demands. I couldn’t think of an example at first and then I realised that his question typified my whole life. For example, I had to go to Luton with some students yesterday. Whilst I was there I was emailed some information which really needed some prompt feedback, so I had to go into work and deal with that today. I was supposed to email out a load of assignments today, but I have now been sidetracked sorting out some A2 students. The computer system is also down, and now their assignments will have to be sent at 7.30am tomorrow, which puts back what I was going to do then, to the weekend. When I got home yesterday, my eldest was having a tantrum over his homework and so needed some intervention and my husband needed to discuss important decsions that needed to be made about the extension. I have marking and preparation coming out of my ears and writing has kind of taken a back seat. Housework is also as-and-when (yuck). So all I ask is for 48 hours a day or I’ll carry on using my defense mechanisms, one being going to bed at 9pm and pretending it’s all ok!


~ by envisioningutopia on March 21, 2013.

One Response to “Just 48 hours in a day – that’s all I ask.”

  1. I’m having a whole WEEK of wishing I had 48 hour days lately! I know it won’t last forever, but how crazy and hectic our schedules can get from time to time is overwhelming.

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