Scrambling in the sun

I must confess that I did not read the large print in the walk book at the beginning of the description, which included the terms ‘precipitous drops’ and chasms, which are subtle hints to a vertigo sufferer. So off we went on the steady ascent from the village of Dufton, to High Cup Nick. Considering that it was snowing only a few days before, it was pleasantly warm and there was a funny yellow ball in the sky, that I haven’t seen for a very long time. There were a few people about at the start of the walk and we managed to chivy Alex along, by pointing out that he was being beaten by a girl! There was still quite a bit of snow about in places and if you walked on it, you soon sank up to your knees. We stopped for a picnic! and considered lazying about in the sun for a bit, however we were not exactly going fast and so decided to continue towards the end of the chasm. IMG_1081 We passed what were called ‘shake holes’ on the map. We had absoulutely no idea what they were. (Apparently they are holes in the rock, that you can fall through!) Eventually, we reached the end of the chasm and indeed there were precipitous drops, with tall ‘flake-like’cliffs. According to the book we should retrace our steps. According to the map, we could somehow get down the cliffs and into the valley. Guess what we did? Yes we joined the rather fragile scree slope and scrambled down into the valley below. I don’t think I’ve seen Thomas look so smiley. IMG_1090 It was quite hard going particularly as there was a deep band of snow that we had to go around. Once in the valley the wind got up, but the scenery is so impressive, nothing can really detract from it.IMG_1089 We followed the stream and ended up clambering over a barbed wire fence, when we lost the path in the boggy ground and then back down the road to Dufton. In all the whole thing was about 10 miles. ‘You always get the distance wrong and we always end up going further’ sighed Alex. Yes, but what a walk!


~ by envisioningutopia on April 11, 2013.

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